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January 30 -2024

New single "24"

Hey everybody, ready for a new track ?

Check out my new single "24" !

Once again featuring my buddy Torsten Bugiel Drummer on drums.

Cover-photography by Jean Luc CatarinI hope you enjoy !

September 28 - 2023

Hey everyone !

One of the first CDs I got was the "On every street"-album by the mighty DIRE STRAITS, back in 1991.

Now, playing the great music of Dire Straits  with the tribute-band BROTHERS IN ARMS night for night ( check our tourdates...! ), I rediscovered all these awesome songs by Mark Knopfler.

Among the well-known hits like "Sultans..", "Money...and "So far..." I stumbled about some   ( for me ) forgotten jewels, like that Song IRON HAND on "On every street".

The song relates to the "Battle of Orgreave" of 1984, where British mine-workers on strike and police-forces clashed in violent riots. 

That song touched me deeply, and I just had to gave it a try on my own.

So here is my cover of IRON HAND, with a deep bow before mark Knopfler 

and Dire Straits.

September 09 - 2023

Hey everyone !

While spending some vacation-time in Croatia this summer, sitting on the balcony, guitar on my lap and enjoying the sea-view, a little instrumental-tune occured to me. 

Back home in Cologne I hit my studio and recorded it, simple as it was, one guitar played in a microphone ( well...two mics tbh ). So, now here it is for you all to enjoy. 

It´s called "Free Hugs", I hope you like it.

June 15 - 2023

I´m happy to share the news that my latest single RIDE OUT is out now.

Check it out on the platform of your choice, and share it with other music-lovers.

January 25 - 2023

Check out two videos from BROTHERS IN ARMS show in Siegburg…

December 13 - 2022

Before new and unheared music will be released very soon, I have a little christmas-present for you all.

All my releases from 2018 to 2022 -all singles and the 2020 "Lunar"-EP- just got re-released, wrapped together as a bundle-album. 


Thank you a lot. I will be back with some new stuff soon.

July 04 - 2022

I am excited to share the news with you that I joined „BROTHERS IN ARMS the authentic dIRE sTRAITS experience“ as their new singer and guitarist. 

Check our upcoming livedates here…!

April 12 - 2022

Check out my new single „Here And Then“ …

September 15 - 2021

Check out my new single „HEAVY TRAFFIC“ …

January 21 - 2021

My EP „LUNAR“ was reviewed by „GITARRE & BASS“-magazine.

Read here ( click to enlarge ):

December 01 - 2020


Check out the trailer below !

If you like what you hear, you can buy LUNAR HERE !

December 15 - 2019

Thanks to the people of Reykjavik, Island for a great workshop and concert with DARI.

November 20 - 2019

Check out the aftermovie for the DARI - workshop-tour in Italy:

November 20 - 2019

Check out the new video „Veedel“ by HANAK:


November 20 - 2019

Check out DARI & Tobi performing „Legenden dieser Nacht“ at the 



October 14 - 2019

Thank you, Italy, for an awesome workshop-tour with DARI.

Such a pleasure to work with the students of Palermo and Cefalu.

We will be back !

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